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AquFlow Metering Pumps

AquFlow Metering Pumps

1642 McGaw Avenue

Irvine, CA   92614

United States

Product Information

AquFlow manufactures premium line of chemical metering pumps that are hydraulically balanced for durable and accurate performance. Manufactured since 1972 (first as Hydroflo) these pumps have a well established reputation among users for running for decades with minimal maintenance. AquFlow Pumps are made in compliance with API 675 standards.

Flow Capacities - 0 to 3,500 GPH
Pressure - 0 to 4,000 PSI

The entire AquFlow pump line is available in a range of corrosion resistant materials such as: 316 Stainless Steel, Alloy 20, Hastelloy C, PVC, PVDF, PTFE

The AquFlow line is divided into 4 Series according to its flow capacity.

SERIES 1000:

The Aquflow Series 1000 is a dependable, rugged, compact hydraulically actuated diaphragm metering pump. The pump is available in 316 SS, CA20, Hast C, PVC, PVDF, PTFE etc. The max flow rate is more than 122 GPH and pressure over 4,000 psi.

The pump is available in simplex or duplex configuration, with independent capacity adjustment for each pumphead. All drive parts are fully enclosed and operate in an oil bath which minimizes friction and wear while providing protection from harsh environments. A self-compensating hydraulic system assures diaphragm position and eliminates the need for troublesome vacuum breakers and refill valve.

The easy to read micrometer knob enables convenient capacity adjustment between 0-100% while the pump is operating or stopped. In addition to manual control, the pump can be supplied with optional automatic capacity control, making it possible for the pump to control the flow rate in proportion to various process signals. A simple, externally adjustable, internal hydraulic relief valve protects the pump and the process from pump induced overpressure situations.

- Design Capacities of 0.55 to 123.4 GPH
- Discharge Pressures to 4,000 PSIG
- Metering Accuracy of 1%
- 10:1 Turndown via Stroke Length
- Internal Hydraulic Relief Valve
- Modular Design With Multiple Options

SERIES 2000:

For flows up to 112 GPH in simplex and 225 GPH in duplex these hydraulically balanced metering pumps have developed a reputation of reliable workhorses. Known for their accuracy and longevity these pumps are available in 316 SS, CA 20, Hast C, PVC, PVDF, PTFE etc.

- Design Capacities of 2.95 to 224 GPH
- Discharge Pressures to 1,800 PSIG
- Metering Accuracy of 1%
- Internal Hydraulic Relief Valve

SERIES 3000:

Available in 316 SS, CA 20, Hast C, PVC, PVDF and PTFE these pumps are capable of capacities up to 964 GPH. Like all other series these pumps can be adjusted manually or by electronic controls. Also like all other Aquflow pumps these have hydraulically balanced diaphragm with internal relief valve.

- Design Capacities of 15.9 to 482 GPH
- Discharge Pressures to 675 PSIG
- Metering Accuracy of 1%

SERIES 4000:

- Flow to 3,530 GPH and Pressure to 3,500 PSI

Company Information

Aquflow manufactures premier chemical metering pumps in Irvine, California. Founded in 1972 with the goal of making a new generation of hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps, AquFlow soon became known for its durability and performance in tough applications. After the acquisition of Hydroflo line of metering pumps in 2007 Precision Flow Technologies Inc. decided to re-launch the line under the Aquflow brand while preserving the original design, model numbers, serial numbers and manufacturing processes. Even with a new name and a new look customers expect and get the same legendary dependability, durability and ruggedness of the Hydroflo chemical metering pumps.

AquFlow is a division of Precision Flow Technologies Inc., a sub-chapter S corporation established under the state laws of California, USA. The other divisions of Precision Flow Technologies Inc. include PumPortal which specializes in distribution of products imported from overseas on an exclusive basis and Etatron America.

In our manufacturing facilities we use the most current MRP system that enables us to track inventory very closely from the incoming inspection to shipping. We also have a process in place to conduct regular physical inventory verifications to ensure we never run of small parts that may delay important orders. It is because of these tools and processes we can claim to be able to ship 90% of service parts orders the next day. We can also build test and ship standard commonly used pump models in less than a week.

Some of our customers request special testing, and verification for their certifications. We have the instrumentation to perform most of such testing and provide documentation to make the process easy for our customers. Since we can track parts from the very beginning we can easily identify the batch for every part used in the pump. This also helps us in our very stringent Quality Assurance program to prevent any problem parts from being used to build a pump. We also manufacture pumps that comply with API 675 for the oil and gas markets.

Since we handle various sizes of pumps starting from the smallest <1.0 GPH to the large 4000 series monster we have a packaging and shipping facility that can handle these variety of shapes and sizes. From UPS boxes to wooden pallets to customized welded metal skids we can ship your pump in a durable package to endure the usual mishandling by carriers.

When Hydroflo was first formed in 1972 it was with a vision to improve the then existing pump design. The first metering pumps produced were far ahead in the thinking and design compared to the competition. That spirit to excel has persisted through the 36 years to continually improve on the design to make it more customer friendly and durable. The result was a design that gives pump such long life that we regularly get calls from customers who want a replacement diaphragm or an O-ring for a pump they bought in 1970s, over 30 years ago.