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AR North America

140 81st Ave NE

Fridley, MN   55432

United States

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A.R. North America, Inc. supplies pressure washer pumps and accessories for various applications. It offers plunger pumps, including medium duty axial radial, hot water, pressure washing, misting/cooling, positive displacement, sewer jetting, carpet cleaning, reverse osmosis, agriculture, high pressure coolant, and special industry pumps, as well as industrial, car wash, medium duty, and stainless steel triplex plunger pumps; and motors, such as electric and induction motors, hydraulic drive units, motor pumps, agitators, conveyors, fans, blowers, irrigation equipment, stirring motors, sewer jetting, and compressors. The company also offers residential and industrial pressure washers; and accessories to support pumps, including trigger guns, nozzles, hoses, control valves, pressure regulators, unloaders, secondary relief valves, gauges, pressure regulators and filters, bolts on unloader valves, crankcase oil, easy start valves, electric clutches, flanges and coupling sets, gear boxes, inlet king nipples, jetter valves, threaded valve caps, thermal relief valves, rail kits, and tools. In addition, it offers cleaning heads; brushes, such as rotating brushes, fixed brushes, extensions, foamers, and adapters. The company offers products for various applications, including machine tool coolant blasting, tank cleaning, sandblasting, optics production, environmental odor control, screen cleaning, injecting, wash systems, and gas process applications.



Company Information

AR North America (ARNA) is an independently operated division of Annovi Reverberi (AR), the world’s largest manufacturer of pressure washer pumps. AR, based in northern Italy, is a privately owned company which has been product orientated right from its humble beginnings in 1958. Designing, developing and building pumps for almost 6 decades with passion and integrity: these have been the milestones of AR’s success. Millions of AR pumps are being used every day all over the world, in a multitude of applications, from pressure cleaning in Australia to crop spraying in Zaire.AR’s success was further enhanced with the founding of ARNA, back in 1989, under the expert guidance of Ralph Notch. What started out as a one-man operation, today employees a dedicated and experienced staff of 43, housed in a recently expanded 110,000 square foot facility just north of Minneapolis. From this location we are structured to guarantee excellent customer service and technical support, not just for the AR pumps but also for our full-range of Blue Clean electric pressure washers, Mec-Line high pressure accessories and all related spare parts. Our inventory levels run into many millions of dollars at any given time.

We have a fully equipped and staffed service department, large test facilities and a shipping department which enable us to get up to 300 shipments a day on their way to our customers.

Looking ahead, we are especially proud to announce that ARNA will shortly start distributing the world-renowned range of AR diaphragm pumps, the pumps which started it all for AR back in 1958.