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Product Information

Arimitsu is a leading manufacturer of plunger and triplex pumps for carwash, misting, pressure washing, and industrial applications. Arimitsu plunger pumps offer several benefits including a compact design, low maintenance costs, lower energy consumption, quiet operation, and higher pressure.


Arimitsu pumps are used in carwash applications all over the world, operating with max flows to 23 gpm and pressures to 2300 psi. Standard seal design can operate with temperatures to 175° F. Arimitsu carwash pumps are high quality, featuring an efficient and quiet design. Some standard features include stainless steel valves, forged brass heads and oversized crankshaft bearings, and precision ground ceramic plungers.

Arimitsu plunger pumps


Arimitsu pumps are used in a wide variety of industrial applications, including: water / wastewater, manufacturing, power gen, food, agriculture, chemical, oil and gas, forestry and many more. The plunger pumps can operate between 2-400 HP, have a max flow capacity to 400 GPM, and can handle up to 21,000 PSI.

Pressure Washing

Arimitsu specializes in high pressure cleaning pumps for food processing, ship hull, airplane, train, car, containers/tote, bottle, tank, and concrete stripping applications. Several materials of construction are available to fit most pressure washing applications. The pumps are durable, compact, and designed for continuous use in harsh environments.


Arimitsu’s quiet performance and compact design make their plunger pumps ideal for misting applications. The company’s misting pumps are used for outdoor restaurants, patio areas, and much more. Arimitsu’s misting systems provide evaporative cooling and flash evaporation to cool without wetness.

Arimitsu plunger pumps

Company Information

Arimitsu offers plunger pumps for industrial, carwash, misting, and pressure washing applications. Arimitsu plunger pumps offer several benefits, including lower energy consumption, higher pressure, compact design, low maintenance cost, and quiet operation.