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Axiflow Technologies, Inc.

Axiflow Technologies, Inc.

3224 F Westwood Industrial Drive

Monroe, NC   28110

United States

Product Information

The AXIFLOW pump is a twin-screw positive displacement pump that has been developed systematically externally and internally by Jung Process Systems/Axiflow Technologies, Inc. in accordance with the principles of sanitary design. The non-contacting feed screw design enables speeds of <50 rpm to 4000 rpm to be achieved. The AXIFLOW pump is able to process high-viscosity food and pharmaceutical products as well as low viscosity CIP fluids used for cleaning. When implementing the AXIFLOW pump in your system, a separate CIP return pump and a bypass line as well as associated valves and controls are no longer necessary. This saves space and money. Since the cleaning medium flows completely through the pump at the required velocities, outstanding cleaning results are achieved. The pump is also cleaned successfully by CIP even under the most difficult operating conditions, as with melted cheese and other viscous dairy products. Since the product that the AXIFLOW pump is transferring is moving axially through the pump without any major changes to the direction, it enables the capability of high suction performance, gentle transfer of the medium and extremely low, if any, pulsation

Company Information

Axiflow Technologies, Inc. is a US based company that has partnered with the German based manufacturer Jung Process Systems. With this partnership Axiflow is assembling, testing and supplying Twin Screw Sanitary Pumps for the US, Canadian and Mexican Food and Pharmaceutical market. Axiflow Pumps are 3-A TPV and EHEDG Certified.

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