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Blackhawk Technology Company

Blackhawk Technology Company

21W211 Hill Avenue

Glen Ellyn, IL   60137

United States

Product Information

Blackhawk Technology Company is the originator and No. 1 manufacturer of pneumatic, electric, solar and windmill powered top-head-drive piston pumps, with drive motors above the wellhead, safely and cleanly outside and away from the liquids being pumped.

Blackhawk's cost-effective advanced designs pump virtually any liquid, including those with high viscosity, foam and/or supsended solids. The pumps produce no greehouse gas emissions, work in vacuum environments with no stalling and eliminate cavitation because they can pump dry.

Drive motors are reliable in the broadest range of weather and pumping conditions. Rugged, patented downhold components and stainless-steel cylinders stand up to grit and silt. Pumps dewater to the bottom of a well with no wasted head, and pump at any angle, even horizontal.

Landfill operators are pleased that Blackhawk pumps offer lower costs of ownership, help them stay greenhouse-gas compliant and solve odor issues. Methane producers find Blackhawk pumps deliver cleaner gas, and more of it. Remediation operators like that Blackhawk can handle nasty DNAPL and LNAPL with slow pumping that does not disturb the surrounding environment. Stripper-well oil producers find that Blackhawk's slow pumping delivers more oil and less water and silt than other, more expensive and larger pump jacks.

Blackhawk pumps controls and accessories ship as a single, lightweight package, including tubing.

Company Information

Blackhawk Technology Company provides leading-edge piston pumping solutions for a broad range of well-based applications, including gas-well dewatering, condensate-recovery sump, landfill leachate, petrochemical, refinery, manufactured gas and groundwater remediation.

Engineeres, owners and operators increasingly choose Blackhawk pumps for a simple reason: They work, often when others do not. When pumping results matter, Blackhawk delivers versatility, productivity, efficiency and dependability -- all at lower costs wirh low and simple maintenance requirements -- and no pump pulling, no pumps lost down the well.

Customer input and feedback is key to the ongoing inprovements in Blackhawk's product lines. The company was founded in 1990 and its products are covered by a variety of patents and marks, with more pending. No company offers more real-world piston-pumping experience in landfills, chemical facilities, hydrocarbon production and remediation sites throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

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