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Blastcrete Equipment Company

Blastcrete Equipment Company

2000 Cobb Ave.

Anniston, AL   36201

United States

Product Information

- MX-10 3" hydraulic high pressure refractory mixer/ swing tube pump

- MX-20 4" hydraulic high pressure refractory mixer/swing tube pump with two stage continuous mixer

- D3522-2" hydraulic squeeze pump with 1000 pound capacity mixer

- D6528-3" hydrdaulic squeeze pump with 1000 pound capacity mixer

- RD6536-3" hydraulic squeeze pump

- HBS 1500-4" hydraulic ball seat pump with 1500 pound capacity spiral mixer

- AA-020 Blastcrete Gun both air and electric

- AH-020 Blastcrete Hydrostatic Rotary Gun for refractory, gunite and shotcrete

- RD6536-3" hydraulic squeeze pump attachment for skid steer

- Custom designs on request

Company Information

Blastcrete Equipment Company is a leading international manufacturer of mixing, pumping and spraying equipment for shotcrete, concrete construction and repairs, refractory placement, mining and underground, and many specialized industrial applications. Blastcrete Equipment offers hydraulic turbine mixers up to 2200 pound capacity, hydraulic spiral mixer up to 1500 pound capacity, and a two-stage high intensity continuous mixer up to 600 pounds per minute. Pumping equipment includes both 3" and 4" hydraulic high pressure swing tube piston pumps, 2" and 3" hydraulic peristaltic or squeeze pumps, and a 4" hydraulic ball seat pump. Mixer pump combinations are also available to meet customer specific custom applications.

Blastcrete Equipment Company is also the leading manufacturer of the Blastcrete Gun, a high production rotary gun for dry shotcrete and gunite which features the Genuine Piccola clamping system.