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Chemac, Inc.

Chemac, Inc.

23 Pleasant Ave

Upper Saddle River, NJ   07458

United States

Product Information

Full range of high pressure pumps:

Plunger Pumps = Liquid ends up to 1,450 USGPM Pressures up to 40,000 psi Power frames up to 3,000 hp

Magnetic Drive Metering pumps = Liquid temperature: From -60C to +315C / -76F to +600F, Differential pressure: Up to 15 bar /
218 psi, System pressure: From vacuum up to 325 bar / 4715 psi

Diaphragm Pumps = up to 5,075 psi and liquid temperatures ranging between minus 40F to 302F

Intensifier pumps = Up to 208,000psi

Packaged systems for Cleaning applications, offshore, and other custom designed pump units.

Company Information

Since 1966, Chemac, Inc offers a wide range of high pressure pumps and systems. From small magnetic drive metering pumps and high pressure intensifier pumps, to large (up to 3,000 horsepower) plunger pumps. Main Brand names include: Uraca and Gather. Chemac Inc pumping applications include: leak free metering, slurries, Co2 extraction, bitumen, hot oil, caustic mediums, ammonia, carbamate, high temperature/pressure applications, high pressure water blast and cleaning applications, descaling/deburring, hydro-mining, Morgoil, hydraulic press drives, LDPE, Jet cutting, non-woven. pharma applications and more. For high pressure liquids, Chemac, Inc is the ideal partner for difficult pump applications. Chemac, Inc is headquartered in NJ and also offers an assembly/packaging/service center in Texas. Since 2009, our URACA Pumps can be packaged/assembled in the USA.