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Dover Pump Solutions Group

Dover Pump Solutions Group

1100 W 31st Street, Suite 120

Downers Grove, IL   60515

United States

Product Information

PSG Consists of the following companies:

Wilden - Market leader in air-operated double-diaphragm pumps.

Blackmer - Leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps and compressors for the transfer of liquid and gas products.

Mouvex - Manufacturer of eccentric disc, rotary vane, screw compressors, and peristaltic hose pumps.

Neptune - Manufacturer of chemical metering pumps, including hydraulic diaphragm, electronic diaphragm, fertilizer pump, chemigation pump and accessories.

Almatec - One of the world's leading manufacturers of pneumatic diaphragm pumps.

Griswold - Manufacturers a variety of pumps, including ANSI, end suction centrifugals, self-priming and submersible/vertical turbines.

Company Information

Dover Pump Solutions Group (PSG) features the worlds largest manufacturer of air-operated double-diaphragm pumps (Wilden) and the worlds largest provider of sliding vane (Blackmer) and eccentric disc pumps (Mouvex).

Other members of the PSG include: Neptune, a premier manufacturer of chemical metering pumps, Almatec, a provider of premium diaphragm pumps for chemical, semiconductor and solar markets and Griswold, a quality centrifugal pump manufacturer.

PSG delivers cohesion and synergies to our customers. PSG, part of Dovers Fluid Solutions Platform, provides a broad array of pump technologies that will provide you quality products with the fastest delivery times in our industry. The Pump Solutions Group features world class facilities in the U.S. (California and Michigan), Germany, China, India, and France.

As global leaders PSG preserves and enhances the existing pump brands you've come to know and depend on. PSG and all of the pump Brands within PSG are deeply committed to the pursuit of excellence, customer satisfaction, research & development and market knowledge. As a premiere pump organization, PSG has the infrastructure, knowledge base, and intellectual capital to exceed customer expectations worldwide.

PSG. The power behind fluid transfer.