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Product Information

DRUM-MATES equipment lines include drum and tote heaters, wrap around heaters, base heaters, immersion heaters, band heaters and clamshell heaters, drum, tote and tank mixers of all kinds, drum rollers, drum tumblers and drum multi-axis rotators, drum handling equipment of all kinds, drum, tote and tank pumps, double diaphragm pumps, centrifugal pumps, electric and pneumatic pumps, magnetic drive pumps, hand rotary pumps, hand piston pumps, hand lever pumps, hand reciprocating pumps, hand dispensing nozzles for pumping liquids from pumps, including plastic hand nozzles, aluminum hand nozzles, and stainless steel hand nozzles, all kinds of bung adapters and other liquid processing equipment. DRUM-MATES equipment is used in virtually every type of industry field.

Company Information

DRUM-MATES Inc. is a primary US manufacturer and supplier of popular liquid processing equipment for use with industrial drums, IBC's (totes) and tanks. DRUM-MATES Inc., is a designer, manufacturer and wholesaler supplying through our Authorized Supplier Network. It has been serving general industries since 1963. A New Jersey corporation, it is a recognized supplier of superior quality, technically advanced industrial equipment for drums and IBCs (totes). Our production procedures are based on Total Quality Management standards. We make and supply liquid processing equipment to general industries, government, commercial and public institutions in the NAFTA region and around the world. Our Australian affiliate, DRUM-MATES Pty. Ltd., serves the Pacific Rim.