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Ebara Fluid Handling

1651 Cedar Lane Drive

Rock Hill, SC   29730

United States

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EBARA Fluid Handling offers several pump types for the water, wastewater, commercial, municipal, energy, and power industries. The company sells and services a variety of submersible pumps, grinder pumps, non-clog pumps, semi-vortex and more in cast iron material.

EBARA Fluid Handling also offers a line of corrosion resistant stainless steel pumps including end suction centrifugal, multistage, and submersible sump, effluent and sewage pumps.

Here are just a few of the pumps that the company sells and services, for more details visit www.pumpsebara.com.

Model DSC4, DSCA4 Submersible Pumps

Pumps are built with rugged cast iron materials for the water and wastewater, sewage and flood control applications. The DSC4 and DSCA4 pumps are available in discharge sizes from 6-12” and allow for a max flow to 7,000 gpm and head to 300 ft.

 EBARA DSC4, DSCA4 Submersible Pumps


Model DSC, DSCA3 Submersible Pumps

A large submersible non-clog pump capable of passing up to 8” sphere sizes and can be installed in both wet or dry pit applications. The pumps are heavy duty and highly efficient with max flows to 35,000 gpm and max head to 300 ft.

EBARA DSC, DSCA3 Submersible Pumps


Model 3U/3UB End Suction Pumps

This end suction pump is made of bulge formed stainless steel and designed for corrosion resistance. The pump is a good fit for applications that may involve moderately aggressive fluids. The pump features stainless steel liquid end components, versatile mounting, close coupled design, and much more. These features make this pump good for the plant services, water treatment, and ultrapure water systems. The 3U/3UB pump has a flow capacity of 650 gpm and a total head range to 250 ft.

EBARA 3U/3UB End Suction Pumps


Model DWP/DWPM Dewatering Pumps

The DWP/DWPM pumps are designed for mining, dewatering, construction, and power station applications. The pumps have flow capacity to 2,000 gpm and heads to 340 ft.

EBARA DWP/DWPM Dewatering Pumps



These pumps are made to handle solids and light slurries in the sewage and wastewater markets. The pumps can handle up to 3” solids and allow for up to 3,400 gpm at 210 ft of head.

EBARA EFQU, EFQT light slurry pumps



The EVMU and EVMUG pumps are built for municipal, HVAC, filtration, agriculture, boiler feed, industrial and other markets where water purification and hot water applications are common. The pumps have max flow capacity to 390 gpm and 930 ft of head.


Company Information

EBARA Fluid Handling is the US sales and service division of EBARA Corporation. The company manufactures and sells pumps for the water, wastewater, commercial, municipal, energy and power industries.

Ebara Fluid Handling features its cast iron submersible pumps with capacities to 35,000 GPM and horsepower ranges to 800 HP. The company also manufacturers other cast iron pumps including submersible sump, semi-vortex, grinder, non-clog and more.

In addition, the company offers a comprehensive line of corrosion resistant stainless steel pumps that include end suction, multistage, and submersible sump, effluent and sewage pumps.

EBARA Fluid Handling offers pump service and parts through an extensive service network to assist customers in replacement of pumps, parts, and motors.