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Ebsray Pumps

628 Pittwater Road

Brookvale,   NSW 2100


Product Information

Ebsray Pumps offers a wide range of pumps including regenerative turbine, sliding vane, gear, and lobe pumps. The company features its regenerative turbine pumps for LPG transfer, dispensing and refueling in underground, above ground and submersible installations. The pumps are built for low flow, high head applications with low viscosity liquids such as LPG, Propane & Butane.

Ebsray R Series Regenerative Turbine Pump

The R series has a flow range to 138 L/min and a max pressure to 2400kPa. The pump is simple to service and maintain, includes a single stage impeller, and incorporates a simple balanced mechanical seal. The R series has a throttle bush that meets API 682 - ISO 21049 standard.

Ebsray Model R10


Ebsray RX Series Regenerative Turbine Pump

The RX series pumps are single stage and feature an explosion-proof submersible electric motor. The pumps also incorporate a seal-less design and quiet operation.

The regenerative turbine pump has a flow rate capacity to 180 L/min and pressure ranges to 2400kPa. The RX is available in ductile iron/steel casing material, bronze (standard) impeller, and carbon composite bearings.

Ebsray Model RX10


Ebsray RC Series

The Ebsray RC series regenerative turbine pump is close coupled to standard IEC frame B5 flange mounted 2-pole motors-EExe or EExd protection. The pump has a low maintenance single stage impeller, incorporates a unique cartridge design mechanical seal, and features quiet, vibration free operation. The RC series pump comes with a standard bronze impeller, high tensile allow steel shaft, and a ductile iron to ASTM A395 casing material.

The RC pump has a max flow rate to 90 L/min, pressure to 2400kPa, speeds to 3500 RPM, and a power range of 1.5, 2.2 & 3.0kW.

Ebsray Model RC20 


Ebsray RB Series

Ebsray RB series pumps incorporate a low NPSH booster first stage impeller, simple balanced mechanical seal, and direct coupling to standard 2-pole motors-EExe or EExd protection . The pump allows for flows to 138 L/min, pressure to 2400kPa, and is designed for ease of maintenance.

Ebsray Model RB10

Company Information

Ebsray Pumps designs and manufactures a comprehensive program of Positive Displacement and Regenerative Turbine pumps for a wide range of industrial applications. Additionally, selected products are marketed to supplement the range.

Ebsray's vast experience in the industrial pumping area, coupled with the expertise acquired over 60 years, has enabled Ebsray to become a market leader in innovative design for 'niche' industrial markets.

Ebsray's recent successes in the LPG industry, military equipment refueling systems and bulk potable water transfer has confirmed the company's ability to adapt its products and manufacturing capabilities to the world markets.

If you require a small fuel oil pump, transport tanker pump, rail or road tanker loading/unloading pump, autogas driveway dispensing pump, or others, Ebsray will provide you with a solution that satisfy your requirements.