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Eccentric Pumps

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Product Information

Eccentric Pumps is currently offering Nine (9 ) pump sizes, our SLP/023, through the SLP/654. Plus three new sizes for our MiniPump the SLP/mini 6, the SLP/mini 10 and the SLP/mini 13.

These products cover a range of from 1 gal/ hour to ~ 22 gal/min.


Our peristaltic hose pump products provide more flow per revolution and only one compression and expansion per cycle. At equal performance points, the Eccentric Pumps peristaltic hose pump runs slower, and the hose lasts longer than pumps with multiple shoes or rollers.

Unique Advantages of Our Hose Pumps:

- A single hose compression per cycle extends hose pump hose life
- More than 50% more flow per revolution than conventional designs
- Hose materials: NR, Buna (Nitrile), EPDM, Neoprene, Hypalon, Viton, UHMW PE, Food Grade and others
- Independently supported peristaltic pump shaft on B-10 10 million-hour bearings
- Cooler running than other hose pumps
- Buffer zone between the pump and gearbox protects the drive and bearings
- Compact integral drive and motor can run at speeds as low as 1 rpm
- Unique FDA approved, DST Synthetic Lubricant provides maximum hose life
- Pump & hose technology: Made in America

Performance Benefits:

- Wider range of operating speeds both high and low rpm
- Dry running / self-priming / sealless
- Creates high vacuum for suction lift applications
- Pumps in both directions
- Runs 8F to 10F cooler by design than sliding shoe pumps
- Smooth passage through the pump no checks or obstructions
- Relatively high discharge pressures
- Accurate flow for metering applications
- Pumps two phase flow easily
- Handles shear sensitive and abrasive fluids
- Compact footprint

These capabilities and benefits lead to longer hose life, less down time for maintenance, and a satisfied customer!

Company Information

Revolutionizing Peristaltic Pumps

Eccentric Pumps has created a new revolution in peristaltic hose pump design. Our unique approach to building hose pumps employs a single oversized roller that compresses our highly engineered, low friction hose through more than 360 degrees of rotation.


Eccentric Pumps peristaltic hose pumps are used at municipal and industrial sites wherever fluids are metered, dosed, or transferred from one place to another. Our customers solve unique and complicated problems like handling bleach, corrosive and abrasive slurries, acids, alkali, colorants, inks and other difficult to pump solutions.

We believe this will be your ideal metering or dosing pump.

- Flow capacities from 1 gal/hr to 22 gal/min
- A wider range of operating speeds both higher and lower
- More flow per revolution than conventional designs = longer hose life
- A single compression per revolution = longer hose life
- Dry running / self-priming / sealless
- Creates high vacuum for suction lift applications
- Pump runs in both directions
- By design our pump runs 8 - 10 F cooler than other hose pumps
- A smooth passage through the pump with no checks or obstructions makes
it ideal for slurries and fragile (shear sensitive) fluids
- Accurate for metering and dosing applications
- Handles two phase flow easily
- Compact footprint
- A wide variety of hose materials for handling aggressive and abrasive chemicals and solutions