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Flight Works, Inc.

Flight Works, Inc.

17779 Main St. - Ste A

Irvine, CA   92614

United States

Product Information

Flight Works, Inc's gear pumps are ideally suited for high power density applications (i.e. lots of power in a small size). Applications include UAVs, fuel cells and electronic fuel injection systems among others. Flight Works, Inc's pumps are self-priming and corrosion resistant and come with many fluidic connection types.

Flight Works, Inc. manufactures a family of pumps that are separated into 3 distinct series based on motor technology:

(1) R-series utilizing brushed, iron core motor technology (not for use with gasoline). High power density; Available in low, standard and high flow gear sets; Most economical of the series; Designed for limited or intermittent duty applications; Can be over driven for brief periods

(2) C-series utilizing brushed, coreless motor technology . Ideally suited for low flow applications (< 300 ml/min) ; Swiss made high precision high life motors; Much lower power consumption than R-Series; Tighter running clearances for increased efficiency over R-Series; Encoder options available on all models for feedback and closed loop control; Reduction gearboxes available for ultra low flows or higher viscosity fluids

(3) X-series utilizing brushless motor technology. Electronic commutation provides reduced EMI and much improved reliability; Very high life Swiss made motors with ball bearings; Higher pressures than any other series; Feedback for closed loop control; Controller options available from Flight Works

Company Information

Flight Works, Inc. designs and manufactures high precision micro gear pumps which provide smooth, pulse-free operation. These pumps are designed for pumping liquids. Flight Works, Inc. can provide you with quantities anywhere from prototyping needs to high volume production.