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Product Information

Fluid-o-Tech offers brass and stainless steel Rotary Vane Pumps up to 12.5 GPM and pressures to 250 PSI. A built-in adjustable bypass to protect the pump and system from unexpected pressure spikes is also available. Our motor frame adapters are available in Nema 48 (carbonator), 56C, and IEC M71B14.

Fluid-o-Tech offers Magnetically Driven Gear Pumps. Available in standard 316 stainless steel, PPS, and Hastelloy construction with flows to 4140 Ml/min and operating pressures to 145 PSI. Gear materials are available in Peek, PTFE, and Vectra. Available with AC, DC, BLDC, and 56C frame motors.

Fluid-o-Tech also offers Oscillating Piston Pumps. Made of brass or plastic housings, with flows up to 35 GPH and pressures up to 260 PSI.

Company Information

Fluid-o-Tech is a leader and innovator in delivering pumping solutions. We are a manufacturer of positive displacement gear pumps, rotary vane pumps, and oscillating piston pumps.

For the last 60 years our people have been building a strong reputation in the fluid handling industry based on the ability to anticipate the market needs and turning them into innovative solutions. As a market leader, we are committed to quality products, customer satisfaction, and the pursuit of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma practices which have kept us a leader in the global market.

Fluid-o-Tech pumps can be found in a wide range of industries and applications. Our offices, strategically located, provide the tools needed to solve your pumping applications globally. Our products and experience with innovation, delivers the confidence expected when selecting a trustworthy solution for your process.

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