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Folsom Associates

Folsom Associates

4110 Rio Grande Ave

Sedalia, CO   80135

United States

Product Information

Folsom Associates offers a wide range of pump types and manufacturers, from small metering, centrifugal and positive displacement, to some of largest pumps manufactured today.

Folsom Associates have pumps designed to handle all types of liquids from benign, corrosive, slurries, low/high temperatures, pH range 0-14, etc.

The pump types include submersible, end suction, self-priming, vertical and horizontal single and multistage, plunger, diaphram and progressive cavity, canned, mag-drive, regenerative turbine and more.

Company Information

Folsom Associates is a complete sales and service pump distributor, specializing in single and multiple pumps, pump systems and pre-packaged pump stations for all markets.

Folsom Associates sells and services single unit pumps as well as complete systems. To ensure the equipment is selected, installed and operated for the maximum service life potential, Folson Associates can assist with the pump selection, system design and installation.

Folsom Associates have over 100 years of in-house pump experience and will meet and exceed your expectations.