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Granco Pump

2010 Crow Canyon Place

San Ramon, CA   94583

United States

Product Information

Granco Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures a full line of self-priming rotary positive displacement ball type pumps. The pumps are used in applications throughout the petroleum, industrial, chemical and food markets.

Granco ball pumps can be truck mounted or stationary and driven by electric motor, gas engine, hydraulic motor, or belt drive. The same basic pump can easily pump thin fluids to the most viscous fluids without changing the design. Granco is a leader in truck mounted pump designs for light fuels, lubricants, greases, paints, and other industrial fluids.

Granco rotary positive displacement ball pump

The Granco unique rotary ball type pump has many advantages over other positive displacement pumps including: higher volumetric efficiency, low shear, lower power consumption, lower maintenance costs, easy installation and reversibility.

Granco pumps also use a unique floating rotor. Pivoted in a spherical housing, the rotor provides positive expulsion of fluid from the pump chamber directly into the line of flow. The simplicity of the Granco design provides excellent fluid displacement without the use of gears, blades, vanes, paddles, scoops, pistons, valves, or stators. Pumping capacities range from 5 gpm to more than 300 gpm. The pumps are used in both stationary and truck-mounted applications and can handle fluid with viscosities from 32 ssu to more than 1,000,000 ssu.

Granco pumps are durable

Granco’s simple ball and shaft design ensures durability because the pumping mechanism “floats” in the housing with no metal to metal contact. This design promotes years of durable and dependable service. The large rotating cavities also provide slower speeds, maintaining critical tolerances not seen in any other designs.

Granco pumps are dependable

With only one moving part, Granco pump’s simple design offers one of the most dependable and long lasting pumps manufactured today.

Granco pumps are versatile

All Granco pumps are available in (2) port or (4) port design. The (4) port design is used in many truck mounted applications where ease of connections is paramount on the chassis. All of Granco’s pumps are designed with mechanical seals or packing depending on the fluid being pumped and its temperature. All pumps are equipped with an internal relief valve for pressures up to 100 psi and temperatures up to 500 F. Granco pumps are suitable for discharge pressures up to 225 psi when external relief valves are used above 100 psi.

Company Information

The Granco Pump Company was formed in 1938 by Edwin Grandburg. His unique design has not changed since its inception. Grandberg designed and developed this unique rotary positive displacement pump during the mid 1930′s. Granco pumps have been manufactured in America since the company’s founding 1938. Today the pumps are manufactured in California at an ISO 9001.2008 Certified facility.