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IMBIL - Pumping Solutions

Rua Jacob Audi, 690

Itapira - SP,   13971-045


Product Information

IMBIL Pumping Solutions sells a vast range of centrifugal pumps including ANSI process, API, axial flow, booster, circulator, end suction, fire, horizontal split case, multistage, slurry, self-priming, submersible, vertical turbine, vacuum and much more.

The company offers several popular models including:


Horizontal multi-stage pump with stage piece vertically sectioned, the stage pieces are sealed by means of o’rings and grouped in the suction and discharge pieces by means of tie bars. Applications include: water supply, irrigation, boiler feed, fire fighting system, clear liquid pumping, condensate pumping and industrial facilities in general.
Max flow: 450 m3/h
Max head: 540 mca


Horizontal multi-stage pump with suction and discharge pieces vertically sectioned. The stage pieces are sealed from each other by means of plain joints and fixed by means of tie bars. Applications include water supply, irrigation, low pressure boilers, fire fighting system, clear liquid pumping, textile industries and industrial facilities in general.
Max flow: 500 m3/h
Max head: 250 m.c.a
Temperature 140° C

IMBIL - BEW pump


Single-stage centrifugal pump using a monoblock system, anchored in the volute, in-line suction and discharge. Coupled to engines for “monoblock pump” of the JM type with “C” type NEMA flange. The sealing is made through Type 21 Mechanical Seal. Applications include air conditioning system, building facilities, chemical industries, cooling services, hot water circulation, water supply, irrigation, industries in general.
Max flow: 420 m3/h
Max head: 130 mca

IMBIL - Inline pump


IMBIL’s Pulp Pumps are recommended for pumping liquids containing suspended solid particles of small or large diameters, provided that these particles pass through the maximum impeller opening. These particles may be found in small or large concentrations such as coal, sand, phosphate, stones, bauxite, ores in general, ashes, residues as well as abrasive and/or corrosive liquids. This model was designed to be used in: mining, steel industry, heat generation, process of ore, sand, quarrying, industrial processes, fertilizers, chemical industries and sugar mills and alcohol extraction plants.
Max flow: 3500 m3/h
Max head: 105 m.c.a.
Temperature: 120°C

IMBIL - Slurry pump


Single-stage pump with horizontal suction and vertical discharge. These pump lines have robust construction providing them with long useful life. They are equipped with easy-to-remove inspection cover in the volute and in the suction cover, enabling inspection and cleaning without the need to disassemble the pump. Pumping of pulp and paper paste at high concentrations, raw sewages, chemical effluents, waste from processes in the form of sludge, mixtures of water with coal, sand, cereals, solids in general or materials with long fibers prone to forming braids.
Max Flow: 400m3 /h
Max Head: 60 m.c.a

IMBIL - RA pump

Company Information

IMBIL Pumping Solutions is a Brazilian based company that offers an extensive line of centrifugal pumps for a wide range of applications including sugar and alcohol, chemical and petrochemical, pulp and paper, irrigation, air conditioning, basic sanitation, textiles, fire fighting, boiler feed, mining and industrial.
IMBIL’s Core Business is defined as “Pumping Solutions” and it operates relying on a Distribution Network in Brazil and throughout Latin America, in addition to Business Partners in the US and Europe.
All its product line is manufactured using cast and nodular iron alloys and special materials according to the customer needs, such as: stainless steel, carbon steel, superalloys and wear-resistant alloys (abrasion and corrosion).