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IMO Pump

1710 Airport Rd

Monroe, NC   28110

United States

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IMO Pumps was founded by the inventor of the first ever multiple screw pump. Today, the pump manufacturer, part of the Colfax Corporation since 1997, continues to specialize in rotary positive displacement 3-screw and gear pumps for a variety of applications. The manufacturer produces under ISO 9001 Management Systems and has also received TS 16949 certification‚ the highest automotive quality standard issued.

IMO Pumps offers three main product categories:

Three-Screw Pumps

Three screw pumps are renowned for their low noise levels, high reliability and long life. IMO Pumps three screw pumps are offered with single suction or double suction capabilities. Single suction three screw pumps can handle flows from 1-2,100 GPM and pressures up to 2,000 PSI. Double suction three screw pumps can handle flows from 5-3,500 GPM and pressures up to 700 PSI. 

This pump type is commonly used for:

  • Machinery lubrication
  • Hydraulic elevators
  • Fuel oil transport and burner service
  • Powering hydraulic machinery

Three screw pumps are used in refinery processes for high temperature viscous products such as asphalt, vacuum tower bottoms and residual fuel oils, as well as applications in crude oil pipeline service and engine rooms on most of the world's commercial marine vessels and many combat ships.

IMO Pumps offers its three screw pumps in sealless configurations such as magnetic drives and canned arrangements. 


Gear Pumps

CIG (Crescent Internal Gear) pumps are produced primarily for fluid power applications and aircraft fuel test stands. They are available in multiple stage configurations for very high pressure applications. They can also support multiple machine functions with a double pump configuration, which allows for two independent flows sharing a common inlet port. IMO Pumps offers its single gear pumps in 54 different models and double pumps in over 1300 different combinations.

The patented tooth profile of CIG pumps avoids trapping fluid. The result is a very low pulsation, extremely quiet high efficiency pump. The gear pumps are able to handle flows from 1-125 GPM and can handle pressure up to 5,000 PSI.



Navy/Marine Pumps

IMO Pump's Warren facility manufactures both commercial marine and full combat ship capable centrifugal pumps for services that include all seawater applications as well as fresh, chilled, condensate, feed and potable water for Navy and Commercial Marine vessels. Warren also supplies centrifugal pumps for cargo oil as well as ballast applications. 

IMO Pumps three screw pumps are ideal for a variety of Navy and Marine applications as well, including machinery lubrication, fuel oil transfer, stripping, boost, burner, hydraulic steering, controllable pitch propeller, deck machinery. These pumps can be supplied to commercial marine standards or to full military specifications including US Navy shock, vibration and noise requirements.

Company Information

IMO Pumps was founded in 1931 and became part of Colfax Corporation in 1997. The first to create a multiple screw pump, IMO Pumps specializes in rotary positive displacement 3-screw and gear pumps for a variety of industries including hydrocarbon & chemical processing, crude oil, navy & commercial marine, power generation, pulp & paper, hydraulic elevators, and more. The company is headquartered in Monroe, NC and also operates out of a manufacturing plant in Columbia, KY.