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Integrated Process Solutions

Integrated Process Solutions

3654 Belgray Dr

Kennesaw, GA   30152

United States

Product Information

Integrated Process Solutions represents the following pump manufacturers' product lines:

- Ampco- centrifugal, rotary lobe, sanitary, marine

- March Pumps- plastic mag drive pumps

- Pacer- mag drive, engine driven pumps

- Standard Pump- sanitary drum & tote pumps

- Grundfos- multi stage centrifugal, booster pumps

- Stenner- peristaltic pumps

- KNF- diaphragm & vacuum pumps

Company Information

Integrated Process Solutions supplies several high quality lines of plastic mag drive pumps by March Pumps, drum & sanitary pumps by Standard Pump, sanitary & centrifugal by Ampco Pumps, diaphragm & vacuum pumps by KNF, centrifugal & booster pumps by Grundfos, vertical pumps by Peerless, peristaltic pumps by Stenner.

In addition, Integrated Process Solutions design/build various pump skids to include stainless stee frames, powder coated frames, in-house control panels, associtaed valves and sensors to turnkey pumping solutions.