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James M. Pleasants Company

James M. Pleasants Company

455-C Morris Park Dr.

Charlotte, NC   28227

United States

Product Information

Among other things, James M. Pleasants Company, Inc. offers the following pump types: Split case pumps, end suction pumps, condensate pumps, vertical turbine pumps, wet pit pumps, regenerative turbine pumps, vortex pumps, stainless steel pumps, inline pumps, submersible pumps.

Company Information

James M. Pleasants Company is a leading sales representative for ITT Bell & Gossett, ITT McDonnell & Miller, ITT Hoffman, ITT Domestic Pump, Baltimore Aircoil, Lochinvar, Cemline, Climate Master, Lawler, Lakos, Dri-Steem, Demco, and Flex-Hose.

James M. Pleasants Company specializes in integrated hydronic, steam and condensation system. The company currently servers North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida.