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KNF Neuberger, Inc.

KNF Neuberger, Inc.

2 Black Forest Road

Trenton, NJ   08691

United States

Product Information

Oil-Free Diaphragm Pumps for OEM & Industry
Air and Gas OEM Pumps
Micro Pumps - <1 to 4 LPM
Mini Pumps - 4 to 15 LPM
High Capacity Pumps - 17 to 300 LPM
Swing Piston Pumps - 15 to 78 LPM
Heated-Head & Heat-Resistant Sampling Pumps - 6 to 100 LPM
Double Diaphragm Transfer / Sampling Pumps - 30 to 280 LPM
Explosion Proof - 17 to 110 LPM

Liquid OEM Pumps
Liquid Micro OEM Pumps - 0.05 to 3 LPM
Liquid OEM Metering Pumps - 0.08 to 300 mLPM
Liquid Pump Accessories & Specialty Pumps

Clean, Quiet Vacuum Pumps for the Laboratory
Premium LABOPORT Vacuum Pumps, Filtration Pumps & Vacuum Systems
PowerDry Pumps
Filtration Pumps
Vacuum Controller
LABOXACT Manual Vacuum Pumping Systems
Liquid Dosing, Metering Pumps & Accessories for the Laboratory
Corrosion-Resistant Vacuum Pumps & Compressors
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Custom Products
Air Compressors
DC Powered Pumps
Diaphragm Pumps
Explosion Proof Pumps (Class 1 Div 1 & ATEX)
Fluid Transfer Pump Systems
Heated and Heat Resistant Pumps
Industrial Liquid Handling Pumps
Leak-tight and Double Safety Diaphragm Pumps
Mechanical Vacuum Pumps and Systems
Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Generators

Company Information

KNF Neuberger Inc. manufactures precision, oil-free diaphragm pumps for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), the process industry, and for the laboratory. Located in a modern, 34,000 sq. ft. corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility near Trenton, NJ, KNF Inc. is a subsidiary of KNF Neuberger GmbH. R&D and manufacturing facilities are located around the world. KNF holds over 100 patents and has been applying solid engineering principles to pump design since 1949.

Multi-port valves and molded diaphragms - a KNF exclusive. KNFs latest models represent a significant advancement in diaphragm pump technology. Their patented, multi-port valve system tolerates occasional liquid condensate droplets without the risk of pump damage or loss of performance. The smooth-surfaced diaphragm fits close to the top of the chamber surface, maximizing vacuum performance. As a result, end vacuums up to 29.86 Hg (<0.5 mbar) are possible using only two stages, reducing cost, space, weight and power requirements. Brushless DC technology includes new, integrated driver features. Portable instrument designers need look no further for economical brushless DC models. KNFs latest design offers low current draw, long lifetime, and reduced EMI/RFI. A custom, integrated speed control (with feedback,) and current-limit control combine with a powerful, highly-efficient motor to provide the perfect pump for your design requirement.
KNF welcomes complete system integration

A pump is the heart of any instrument, though equipment designers are seldom familiar with construction details affecting performance and life. Nor are they familiar with the pumps relationship to other components in the system. They welcome the opportunity to provide more than just the pump to you. KNF frequently adds value by providing a "system" comprised of components such as fittings, tubing, filters, valves, gages, mounting connectors and other related fluidics and electrical items, allowing you to dedicate your limited resources to your core competencies. Innovative technology is also applied to KNFs liquid pumps. In addition to air and gas pumps, KNF offers high-performance, diaphragm-based liquid pumps. Their unique, modular design provides a choice of wetted materials, and offer a variety of features.