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LMI Milton Roy manufactures chemical metering pumps, controllers, and accessories. The company’s trademark yellow and black products are the standard for water treatment application. LMI manufactures a wide range of electronic and motor-driven metering pumps and controllers for simple chemical addition, to complete systems, to control conductivity, pH, and ORP.

LMI products are designed and manufactured in ISO 9001:2000 facilities throughout the world for reliable and dependable operation in a variety of applications including: cooling towers, boilers, potable water, wastewater, swimming pools, plating, mining, car wash, and oil & gas.

Electronic Metering Pumps

LMI’s family of electronic metering pumps offer adjustable stroke frequency and the flexibility of up to 1000:1 turndown ratio. The pumps offer a manually adjustable stroke length to provide accurate pump output adjustment and NEMA 4X / IP65 enclosures for protection against corrosive environments. The electronic metering pumps are time tested electronics for reliable, repeatable performance and totally encapsulated for protection against moisture and corrosive conditions.

LMI Electric Metering Pumps

The company’s electronic metering pump models include its AA, B, C, and P Series products. The Series AA pump features a rigid stroke bracket assembly for highly accurate/consistent dosing performance. The pump also offers advanced control options for simplified system integration (pulse multiply/divide, 4-20 mA, remote on/off).

The Series P offers high quality construction for durability, a compact size, and fixed speed versions for simple, low cost applications.

Specialized Electronic Metering Pump

LMI also offers a line of specialized electronic metering pumps including its E7, HH, and J5 Series. The company’s HH Series is a unique liquid handling assembly for low output injection into high pressure systems; the pump also offers a 5-level power control option to reduce system shock and extend pump life.

The LMI Series HH pump is ideal for low output injection into high pressure systems and offers advanced control options for system integration (pulse multiply/divide, 4-20 mA, remote on/off)

LMI Specialized Electric Metering Pumps

Motor Driven Metering Pumps

LMI manufactures its Series G motor driven metering pumps. The company’s model SD and SG pumps include a mechanically actuated diaphragm (MAD), a variable eccentric design that delivers smooth output, variable speed drives for external control (4-20mA), and a durable metallic housing designed to withstand tough environments.

LMI Motor Driven Metering Pumps

Company Information

LMI Milton Roy has provided quality products and service to the global water treatment industry for over 25 years. Leading the way in the metering pump industry, LMI was the first to introduce a full line of electronic metering pumps and accessories. The breadth of LMI’s product line extends from low-cost metering pumps for domestic potable water treatment to highly sophisticated custom designs for specific applications.

Today, LMI continues to shape the future of the industry by offering the next generation of its trademark yellow and black metering pumps, the LiquiPro™ Series. This series of electronic metering pumps offers simple installation and low maintenance with its unique cartridge valve design, as well as quick and easy “hands free” priming for three, four function, and auto prime valves.

With superior designs and industry experience in addition to a state-of-the-art facility and highly trained service representatives, LMI offers water treatment professionals the quality and reliability they’ve come to expect.