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Maag Pump Systems

Aspstrasse 12

Oberglatt,   8154


Product Information

Maag manufactures a variety of external gear pumps for chemical, industrial, and high pressure applications. The company’s gear pumps operate with two equally sized meshing gears that rotate in a housing. The process starts in the pump inlet as the gears un-mesh, creating a void that draws the fluid into the pump. The rotating gears then capture the fluid in the spaces between the gear teeth and move it around the housing and over to the discharge side of the pump. As the gears continue to rotate, the teeth again come into contact, and the re-meshing action pushes the fluid into the discharge line.

Maag offers several gear pump models, including chemical and industrial pumps, elastomer extrusion pumps, thermoplastic extrusion pumps, polymer production pumps, and more.

Maag Chemical & Industrial External Gear Pumps

The Maag chemical and industrial gear pumps are used where operational safety as well as precise and consistent transport are crucial, such as in the highly demanding chemical & pharmaceutical processes and in other industrial applications. The pumps can also handle viscous and high temperature fluids.

cinox®, therminox® Stainless steel gear pumps

The Maag stainless steel gear pump is used in aggressive fluid applications where acids, solvents, and alkalis chemicals are present. The pumps are corrosion-resistant, can handle temperatures from -30 to 320 degrees C, have a flow capacity to 2,400 l/min, and have max differential pressure to 200 bar.

cinox®, therminox® Stainless steel gear pumps

cinox®-V, therminox®-V Discharge steel gear pumps

Maag’s discharge steel external gear pumps are made to handle resins, silicones, fats, and other aggressive fluids in the chemical process industry. The pump is ideal for laboratory applications involving high viscosities and low inlet pressures. The pumps have a differential pressure to 100 bar.

cinox®-V, therminox®-V Discharge steel gear pumps

refinex®, refitherm® Cast steel gear pumps

The company’s cast steel gear pumps are built for high temperatures, high viscosity media, and high process pressures in the chemical process industry. The gear pump is highly reliable and can accommodate a wide range of pressures, viscosities, and temperatures.

refinex®, refitherm® Cast steel gear pumps

hydrolub®Cast iron gear pumps

The Maag cast iron gear pumps satisfy the demands of industrial plants. The pump has a high degree of efficiency thanks to application specific clearances.


EnviroGear S1 Seal-less Internal Gear Pumps

EnviroGear manufactures an innovative internal gear pump that is magnetically coupled and mechanically sealed for environmentally conscious fluid handling. The pump works with thin fluids in addition to hard-to-seal viscous fluids. The gear pump is used in bio-fuel, petro-chemical, soap, chemical, resin, and printing applications.

The EnviroGear S1 pump design reduces maintenance costs up to 50%, eliminates fluid leaks, has a long wear life, includes dry run capability, allows for max fluid viscocity to 50,000 cst, and handles max temperatures to 500 degrees F. The internal gear pump can also handle flow rates up to 200 gpm and max discharge pressure to 200 psig.

EnviroGear S1 internal gear pump

Company Information

Maag is a leading manufacturer of external gear pumps for applications involving high-viscosity, high temperature fluids and low inlet and/or high outlet pressures or applications involving corrosive or temperature-sensitive media. Maag pumps are often used in conveying polymer melts, chemicals, and even lubricants.

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