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March Pump

March Pump

1819 Pickwick Ave

Glenview, IL   60026

Product Information

March is the leading manufacturer of magnetic drive pumps. A magnetic drive pump does not contain a seal, and as long as the right material is selected, it will not leak. The advantage of having no seal is no leakage, no downtime replacing a seal, and a longer lasting pump.

Our range of pumps go from 1GPM to 200GPM, or 1/200 to 10HP. Our maximum head is 160 Feet.

Avaliable materials are Polypro, Kynar, Ryton, Stainless Steel, and Cast Iron.

Available motors are air cooled fan motors, blast-cooled motors, drop-proof motors, TEFC, brush-type DC, brushless DC, and explosion proof motors

March makes submersible models up to 15GPM.

Company Information

March Pump is a manfacturer of magnetic drive (sealless) pumps located outside of Chicago, IL. We have been in business since 1954, and we have a vast network of distributors ensuring you can get a quality pump without delay. Over 90% of our plastic parts are made in house, and all assembly is done in house.