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Milton Roy Company

201 Ivyland Road

Ivyland, PA   18974

United States

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The Milton-Roy Company is a global leader in metering pump technology. The company offers a full range of designs to meet a full range of application conditions and budgets. Applications at lower pressures (atmospheric to approximately 150 psi) are handled by products such as MacRoy and mRoy that provide long service and exceptional value. Mid-range pressures up to 3000 psi are routine for the mRoy or Milroyal series and critical service applications up to 30000 psi are in the range of the Milroyal or Primeroyal series.

The MacRoy series satisfies most water and waste treatment applications where pressures do not exceed 150 psi. The mechanically actuated diaphragm liquid end design is perfect for low-pressure applications, providing leak-proof diaphragm performance in a cost-effective configuration.

Milton-Roy MacRoy pump

The mRoy series has served hundreds of thousands of applications since its introduction. The hydraulically balanced diaphragm liquid end can generate up to 3000 psi without the constant leaks of older packed plunger designs. At the same time, its highly durable hydraulic bypass drive system is very economical. These combined benefits have launched mRoy to great success in both water treatment applications and lower flow processes at higher pressures.

The Milroyal set the standard for long-term metering pump operation. The drive mechanism is based on a polar crank designed to provide 30 years of solid performance with minimum maintenance. This robust drive can be mated to one of several liquid ends Milton Roy offers, including packed plunger, High Performance Diaphragm (HPD), and metallic diaphragm. The Milroyal can be multiplexed with up to 16 pumps driven by one motor. Milton-Roy Milroyal pump

The Primeroyal extends the performance range of the Milroyal. The variable eccentric drive mechanism provides significant power with a small footprint. Like the Milroyal, liquid ends available include the HPD, metallic diaphragm, and packed plunger. The Primeroyal is also used for high-pressure transfer applications and can be provided in simplex, duplex, or triplex configurations.

Milton-Roy Primeroyal pump

In short, Milton Roy is uniquely qualified to support every metering pump application anywhere in the world. Their strength of product and organization ensures customers of reliable performance and world-class support.

Company Information

Since its 1936 origin, Milton Roy Company has developed and manufactured equipment that accurately controls fluids. Milton Roy has become a world respected producer of quality engineered controlled-volume pumps, which are widely specified for applications requiring highly accurate blending and formulating or feeding of liquids.

Today, Milton Roy is the world’s largest manufacturer of controlled volume (metering) pumps and related equipment that handles a wide variety of fluids. As part of Hamilton Sundstrand and a unit of United Technologies, Milton Roy Company offers customers the assurance of stability and commitment provided by its long history, leadership position in the global market, and strength of its corporate parent.