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Mitchell Lewis and Staver

9935 SW Commerce Circle

Wilsonville, OR   97070

United States

Product Information

Mitchell Lewis & Staver (MLS) offers a wide variety of pumps and related equipment featuring a variet of leading brands, including Berkeley, Goulds, Sta-Rite, Myers, Cornell and Danfoss. The leader in agricultural industry for more than 100 years, MLS also offers pumping solutions for domestic water, wastewater, food & beverage, industrial mining, power, chemical processing and pulp & paper markets.

Pumps from MLS include features designed specifically for a long product life, easy serviceability, high efficiency and overall safety. Experienced engineers and representatives at MLS work with customers to find the best pumping solution for any project. 


  • MLS can provide you with quality parts from components or full systems, from basic pumps and motors to vertical turbines, centrifugals, variable frequency drives (VFDs) and all manner of controls. Onsite engineers work with customers to design and build custom systems to meet unique project requirements.

Domestic Water & Wastewater

  • MLS works with both municipalities and residential dealers to find the perfect pumping solution for their needs, from vertical turbines and well pumps to booster pumps. MLS also offers into control drives for increased energy efficiency and reduced total costs.


Food Processing

  • MLS offers both centrifugal and positive displacement pumps for applications in the food processing industry, including submersible and self-priming options.


  • A wide range of submersible, end, suction, vertical and self-priming pumps are available for the mining industry to handle every potential application. Corrosive or abrasive applications are easily conquered with MLS's full line of hard metal and stainless steel slurry and sludge pumps.

Pulp & Paper

  • P&P plants rely on dependable, high-quality pumps to handle a variety of tasks, including moving water, stock, slurry, and chemicals from one place to the next. MLS provides pump types for all these applications and more.

Company Information

Mitchell Lewis & Staver (MLS) was established in 1882. Today, the company is a premier distributor of high-quality pumps, motors, and drives for a variety of industries. MLS stocks a large inventory of equipment from their wide range of manufacturer partners, as well as offering expertise in custom design and programming to suit any application requirement. Headquartered in Oregon, the company provides exceptional service to its customers in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Arizona through 13 locations in the Western US.