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MWI Corporation

MWI Corporation

201 N Federal Hwy

Deerfield Beach, FL   33441

United States

Product Information

MWI Corporation is a pump manufacturing company specializing in the design and development of hydraulically driven high volume water pumps for a variety of applications, including emergency pumping, flood control, storm drainage, construction dewatering, and by-pass pumping. MWI Corporation offers many innovative products, from the Hydraflo to the DuraFlo.

Company Information

MWI Corporation is an extension of a business started by the Eller family in Deerfield Beach in 1926. Originally founded as a company engaged in the manufacture of iron and steel equipment, MWI Corporation realized the need for a reliable manufacturer of pumping stations for irrigation, drainage and flood control applications. Two years after the founding of MWI Corporation, the hurricane of 1928 hit Florida and over 2500 lives were lost. Subsequently, the U.S. government constructed one of the most extensive flood control systems in the world - and eventually thousands of MWI pumps became an important part of this vast water control network.