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Neptune Chemical Pump Co.

295 DeKalb Pike

North Wales, PA   18937

United States

Product Information

Neptune pumps offers metering and diaphragm pumps for the power generation, oil and gas, agriculture, chemical process, mining, pulp and paper, and water/wastewater markets.

Neptune Chemical Pump Company

Hydraulic 500 Series

Neptune manufactures its Hydraulic 500 series metering pumps for hazardous, flammable, and corrosive fluids. The pump is designed with leak-free metering and has accuracy to plus or minus 1%. A variety of liquid end materials are available including Alloy 20, PVDF, PVC, and 316 stainless steel. Explosion proof, VFD, and wash down duty motor options are also available. The 60Hz version of the diaphragm metering pump has flow capacity to 97 gph at 3,000 psi.

Neptune 500 Series hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps


Hydraulic 600 Series

The 600 series pump allows for greater flow and pressure capacity than the 500 series. The 600 series can handle max flow rates to 240 gph and 4,000 psi. The diaphragm metering pump is available with stainless steel, C-20, Kynar, or PVC materials of construction with hydraulically-balanced Teflon diaphragms that allow the pump to be compatible with a wide range of fluids.

The 600 series is used in power gen, water treatment, mining, chemical processing, and related applications.

Neptune 600 Series hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps

Mechanical 7000 Series

Neptune’s 7000 series diaphragm metering pumps are built to pump chemicals involved with agriculture, pulp and paper, petro-chem, car wash, mining, and water treatment applications.. The pumps are self-priming and superior to competition when pumping chemicals that off-gas.

The 7000 series pump can handle viscosities in excess of 5,000 cP, and allow for flow rates up to 300 gph  and max pressures to 10 bar.

Neptune 7000 Series mechanical diaphragm metering pumps


PZ Series

Neptune manufactures its PZ Series electronic metering pump for accurate, reliable injection of fluid. The pump features an air release valve that allows the pump to be used in a sodium hypochlorite service or with chemicals that off-gas.

Neptune PZ Series electronic metering pumps

Company Information

Neptune is a manufacturer of diaphragm and metering pumps, chemical feed systems, mixers and chemical injection pumps. The company, located in North Wales, Penn, is a part of the Pump Solutions Group (PSG).

The company serves a range of markets, including oil and gas, petrochemical, irrigation and power gen.