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Pat Dooley Company, Inc.

Pat Dooley Company, Inc.

39128 North Shore Drive

Fawnskin, CA   92333

United States

Product Information

Pat Dooley Company, Inc. vacuum pumps have been used in: gas sampling; silicone production; labeling machines; purging systems; leak testing; mold evacuation; pick and place equipment; printing presses; drying, aerating, air cooling; and material evacuation.

Pat Dooley Company, Inc. Force Vacuum Pumps generate a very high vacuum force measured in inches Hg (mercury) and have less air consumption and vacuum flow, measured in scfm (standard cubic feet per minute), than the Flow Vacuum Pumps. Our pumps are made of aluminum and brass or stainless steel. They have a high vacuum force of up to 28 in. Hg at 80 psi with a vacuum flow of 1.10 scfm. The larger models have a flow of 1.80 scfm.

Pat Dooley Company, Inc. Flow Vacuum Pumps use a high volume of air for air consumption and vacuum flow but generate relatively low vacuum force, compared to Force Vacuum Pumps. The vacuum inlet is set in a straight line with the exhaust so that air and/or material can pass straight through.

Company Information

Pat Dooley Company, Inc. is a manufacturer of miniature air-operated venturi vacuum pumps. We specialize in vacuum pumps custom made to your specifications and needs. Pat Dooley Company, Inc. strives to be a leader in the development, production and sales of the highest quality vacuum products available. We are committed to providing our customers with innovative, timely, cost effective, and superior products and services that meet their needs.

Established in 1962, Pat Dooley Company, Inc. has always supplied the finest material and support to the manufacturing industry. In 1972, Pat Dooley Company, Inc. opened its rework facilities and developed its own equipment. That equipment has evolved along with the needs of the industry. Soon, we were receiving requests for our vacuum pumps to be used in different applications. We developed various pumps for standard functions such as labeling machines, gas purging apparatus, mold evacuation, etc. Our specialty developed in custom applications.

Companies world-wide rely on Pat Dooley Company, Inc.s products and expertise.

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