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Patterson Pump Company

Patterson Pump Company

2129 Ayersville Rd.

Toccoa, GA   30577

United States

Product Information

Patterson products are designed and manufactured for fire, plumbing, HVAC, water, wastewater, flood control and industrial markets. Flow capacities range from 50 gpm to over 700,000 gpm.

Water Pumps

Patterson’s H2O Works™ Municipal Pumps & Systems meet the needs of clean water applications. The company’s product line includes vertical in-line, vertical turbine, horizontal split case, two-stage DMD, end suction, and axial and mixed flow models. These high performing pumps and systems provide potable water to cities and homes from reservoirs, rivers and wells. They meet the irrigation demands of large-scale agricultural sites.

Wastewater Pumps

The Patterson H2O Works™ Municipal Pumps are built to the handle ebb and flow of major municipal sewage and storm water systems. With standard capacities ranging from 150 gpm to 500,000 gpm, the Patterson line of wastewater pumps includes the “F” Sewage, The Forceline® NCS, Multi-Purpose Vertical Turbine®, and axial and mixed flow models.

Flood Control Pumps

Patterson offers axial and mixed flow pumps for the flood control market. The pumps are engineered to move large volumes of water continuously and at high flow rates. Capacities range from 2,000 gpm to 700,000 gpm with heads to 60 ft per stage, and bowl sizes from 12 in. to 120 in.

Fire Suppression Pumps and Packaged Systems

Patterson offers its Sentinel™ Series Fire Suppression Pumps. Patterson provides four types of Sentinel pumps, including: horizontal split case, vertical turbine, vertical in-line, and end suction pumps. The pumps are available with flows up to 5,000 gpm and pressures in excess of 390 psi.


Patterson EviroFlo™ pumps offer the rugged, reliable service and engineering refinements expected in the HVAC market. The HVAC line of end suction, horizontal and vertical inline pumps are built for HVAC systems in multiple-story buildings and other large, complex structures.


Patterson’s AquaFloControl™ Plumbing Systems deliver clean water at controlled volume and pressure to a multitude of applications, including: dormitories, light industrial, office buildings, independent water systems, and high-density residential construction.


Patterson’s industrial pumps are used to provide water for manufacturing, dry-dock operations, ballast and bulk liquid cargo handling, facility fire suppression and cooling needs. Patterson industrial pumps can also meet the solids handling needs for the minerals and fiber slurries, food byproducts, and water circulation markets.

Company Information

Patterson Pump Company is a leading manufacturer of centrifugal pumps for the industrial, fire protection, HVAC, plumbing, wastewater, water, and flood control markets. Patterson offers horizontal split case, end suction, vertical turbine, vertical in-line, solids handling sewage, mixed flow, axial flow pumps with flow capacity from 50 gpm to over 700,000 gpm. Patterson offers worldwide service with offices in Athens Greece, and Thailand, as well as manufacturing in Mulligar Ireland.