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Phoenix Pumps, Inc.

Phoenix Pumps, Inc.

3552 E. Corona Ave.

Phoenix, AZ   85040

United States

Product Information

Phoenix Pumps offers a large inventory of pumps throughout Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada. The company sells and services most major types of industrial pumps including the following.

Grinder Pumps – Phoenix Pumps carries the ABS Piranha series available in discharge sizes to 1-1/4 inches with a capacity of 140 gpm and 260 ft of head. The DGUI and DGFU lines of submersible grinder pumps are sold in discharge sizes up to 2 inches.

Canned Motor Pumps from Ensival Moret and Chempump. The Ensival Optimex series can run at flow rates of 2,000 gpm and 1,640 ft of head. The Chempump model is available in several different materials of construction and capable of handling 1,200 gpm at 800 ft of head.

Diaphragm pumps – Phoenix sells the Wilden sanitary diaphragm pump available in 1.5, 2, and 3 inch sizes. Flow rate ranges of 229 gpm at 125 psi with a max temperature of 225 degrees F.

End suction pumps – from American-Marsh, Goulds G&L, and Griswold. Phoenix sells the American-Marsh 300 series up to 12 inch discharge size with capacities from 9,000 gpm and 450 ft of head.

The company sells a line from Goulds G&L with discharge sizes up to 8 inch discharge size and available up to flow rates of 4,500 gpm and 500 ft of head.

Phoenix represents the Griswold series E, F, and G end suction pumps. The pumps operate up to 3,000 gpm and 310 feet of head and are ideal for water booster service.

AODD pumps from Wilden, ARO, Warren Rupp, and Yamada. Phoenix Pumps carries several different models that can handle up to 260 gpm at up to 250 psi.

Drum pumps – available from Flux in both their Heavy Duty and JuniorFlux drum pump line. The Heavy Duty line is powered by air and electric and can handle flow rates up to 60 gpm with pressures up to 280 ft of head. Available in length from 27 to 60 inches.

Chopper pumps – the company sell Wemco’s line of Chop-Flow with flow rate rages to 4,500 gpm and a maximum of 120 ft of head. The pump is available in horizontal, submersible or vertical dry pit configurations.

Gear pumps – Phoenix sells a vast array of gear pumps including rotary gear from Viking, helical gear from American-Marsh, non-metallic gear pumps from Pulsafeeder and much more.

Metering pumps – the company sells several lines from Grundfos, Pulsafeeder, Neptune, Gorman-Rupp and others. The Pulsafeeder series called the PULSAtron in designed for the chemical injection and water treatment applications and has a capacity of 500 gallons per day and a max pressure of 300 psi.

API 610 Process Pumps from Ensival Moret, capable of handling 8,800 gpm at head pressures of 790 ft.

Rotary lobe pumps – The company sells a variety of lobe pumps including the Wright series TRA 10 and 20 lines; the Holland Pump series LobePro; and a Viking pump with flow rate ranges up 820 gpm and pressure range to 400 psi.

Vane pumps – the company sells the Viking stainless still series LVP vane pump. The pump is designed to handle hazardous chemicals and has ranges of 160 gpm for flow rate and pressure of 200 psi.

Magnetic drive pumps – Phoenix represents several mag drive companies including Iwaki, Price Pumps, Dean Pump and Pulsafeeder. The Pulsafeeder line includes the Isochem series with flow ranges to 94 gpm and head to 365 ft.

Multistate pumps – products offered from Goulds G&L, Ebara and Price Pump. The Ebara EVMU series can handle flow rates to 390 gpm and head pressures to 930 ft.

Piston and Plunger pumps – Phoenix sells a line of CAT pumps for power washing and high pressure applications. The pumps can handle flow rates to 320 gpm and a max of 5,000 psi.

Phoenix Pumps also sells self-priming, submersible, split case, vertical sump, vertical turbine, cantilever, regenerative turbine, progressive cavity and slurry pumps.

Company Information

Phoenix Pumps is a leading distributor of pumps, filtration, flow meters, mixers, electronic motors, controls and drives. The company offers solutions for the industrial, mining, municipal and construction markets.

The company has a dedicated team of sales and engineering professionals to help you find the right pump for your application. Company technicians are also available to repair any pump or part. For your field service needs, Phoenix offers repairs and installations.