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Pioneer Pump

Pioneer Pump

310 South Sequoia Parkway

Canby, OR   97013

United States

Product Information

Pioneer centrifugal pumps are heavy duty and designed to stand up to the toughest applications. Pioneer offers a wide range of solids handling (capability to 4.50) and clear liquid pumps with flow capabilities from 20-18,000 gallons per minute and heads to 700+ feet. Ductile iron construction standard for most models with options for special metals. Configurations include diesel driven, electric driven, SAE mounted and frame mounted options.

Company Information

Pioneer Pump is a leading edge manufacturing company specializing in high performance and quality centrifugal pumps serving a broad range of applications in the industrial, municipal, construction, rental and agricultural markets. Our wide range of products includes Pioneer Prime Vacuum Assisted, Standard Centrifugal, Self Priming, Hydraulic Submersible and Wellpointing pumps. With this selection, we will be able to assist with almost any pumping need.