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Piusi USA, Inc.

Piusi USA, Inc.

5553 Anglers Ave, Ste.104

Fort Lauderdale, FL   33312

United States

Product Information

Piusi offers a wide range of electric pumps specifically designed for fuel transfer. The company’s product range includes self-priming, CE-certified AC pumps (120/230 V) and DC pumps (12/24 V).

Piusi pumps are easy to handle, compact, and offer a long service life. The pumps can be supplemented by a wide range of accessories that make them quick and easy to install on any plant.

The company designs several pump models for specific applications. For the transfer of diesel fuel, Piusi offers several self-priming vane pumps with a ByPass valve to avoid over-pressurization. The vane pumps can also accommodate high flow rates and operating cycles of up to 30 minutes.

For oil applications Piusi offers several gear pumps (Viscomat gear), capable of transferring dense fluids at high pressures without damaging the motor. The Visco-Flowmat is a particularly acclaimed model, as it automatically switches the pump on and off.

Piusi also manufactures membrane pumps for AdBlue and water. The pump is made with materials that are compatible with aggressive liquids such as urea and screen-wash.

For applications where no power supply is available, Piusi offers hand-operated rotary or piston pumps that can be installed directly on drums.

Piusi pumps

Company Information

Piusi is a leading manufacturer of DEF dispensing systems and fuel transfer pumps. The company was established in 1953 to offer solutions in the following markets.

- Lubricant Transfer and Measuring (OIL)

- Fuel transfer and measurement (FUEL)

- DEF Dispensing and Metering systems

- Pumps, PTO (Power Take Off) and Compressors for Agriculture (Ag)

The company's constant growth in markets around the world is the result of a few simple guidelines:

- Reliability in any relationship

- Dependable easy-to-use products

- Attention to market demands and requirements

- Innovative solutions combining high performance, long life and low cost

- Streamlined and efficient company organization

Piusi USA, Inc is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is the only office outside of Piusi’s headquarters in Italy. The USA division was created to provide clients in the US and Canada Diesel Exhaust Fluid equipment for the new SCR engines due to EPA standards and to meet increasing demand for innovative products with a quick shipping time. This Florida location will also provide to the new DEF American market with a fast resource for time-tested equipment that has been successfully serving customers globally since 2005.