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PSI-Polymer Systems Inc

PSI-Polymer Systems Inc

1703 Pineview Street SE

Conover, NC   28613

United States

Product Information

PSI combines over fifty years of design, engineering and manufacturing in the production of Extrusion Gear Pumps. The EGP is a rotary volumetric pump utilizing precision ground gears to provide precise metering and constant pressure. Precise displacement ensures accurate output while providing lower shear stress, lower energy consumption, lower processing temperatures and higher output rates. The EGP is capable of processing highly filled materials, fractional melts, recycled materials, highly viscous materials and can operate at pressures up to 5,000 psi (4,000 ?P). PSI also supplies gear pumps for chemical, injection and additive applications.

The PSI High Pressure Gear Pump (HGP) is ideal for the most demanding extrusion processes. The HGP is capable of processing highly viscous, filled materials and can operate at pressures up to 10,000 psi (7,500 ?P). The pump system is mounted between the extruder and the die head to eliminate any process variations initiating in the extruder. The HGP will accurately meter polymer and pressure to the die providing consistent output, precise gauge control, and ultimately a superior end product. PSI manufactures complete pump systems, controls, and all interfacing equipment which can be mounted on a custom designed support stand, or supplied as individual components.

The Chemical Industrial Pump is a universal, precision gear pump designed for a wide variety of processes including chemical, industrial, injection, and prepolymer applications. Precision ground gears provide precise metering and constant pressure. PSI can provide complete system assemblies including the gear pump, motor, reducer, coupling, u-shaft, base plate and cart, and drive controls.

The Chemical Industrial Pump features helical or spur tooth gears, internally or externally lubricated bearings, jacketed or electric heating, and standard single or double mechanical seals. Packing and visco type seals are available. Housings, gears, and bearings are available in a variety of metallurgies and special materials such as ceramic, hastelloy, tantalum, silicone carbide, and zirconiumoxide.

The PSI Fluoropolymer Gear Pump (FGP) is ideal for processes using TFE, FEP, other fluoropolymers and highly corrosive products. With all components constructed of Inconel, the FGP resists corrosion to withstand the demanding conditions of processing fluoropolymers. The FGP provides precise displacement while lowering shear stress, lowering process energy consumption, lowering melt temperature, and increasing output rates. PSI manufactures complete pump systems with controls and all interfacing equipment, which can be mounted on a custom designed support stand or supplied as individual components.

Company Information

PSI-Polymer Systems, Inc. is a leading U.S. supplier of Screen Changers, Extrusion Gear Pumps and Static Mixers for the Extrusion, Polymer Processing, and Recycling Industries. All are offered either as stand alone components or as complete engineered systems.

With more than 25 years of expertise in the field of plastics, PSI utilizes the latest technology in design, engineering, and process solutions to provide products with superior life under the most extreme process conditions. All machinery and equipment is manufactured with precision tolerances to ISO-9002 standards.

PSI was founded in 2000 as a privately owned company & US manufacturer of precision polymer process equipment and components. PSI's key personnel have proven experience as founders, owners, and managers of highly successful US manufacturing companies in the fields of filtration, extrusion, and other process improvement equipment. Combined, these key personnel have more than 75 years experience in the plastics and polymer industry along with over 20 patents to their credit.

Why Buy From PSI-Polymer Systems?

PSI is an owner operated business. Although we are privately owned, we have more screen changer and gear pump design experience than our larger competitors. With this level of field experience, PSIs design vision is from the customers perspective.

We are dedicated to maintaining personalized service, quality products and to creating custom engineered solutions with a commitment to customer satisfaction. Contact us today for your screen changer or gear pump needs.