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Product Information

Quattroflow serves the pharmaceutical, bio-pharm, and laboratory industries with its 4-piston diaphragm pumps and single-use applications. The company’s pumps are ideal for hygienic industries where low shear, low slip and low pulsation are a requirement.

More than 3,000 Quattroflow stainless steel pump units are installed throughout the global pharmaceutical industry. The company also works closely with their customers to develop high-tech pumps for the biotech processes.

Multi-Use Pumps

Quattroflow’s QF Series multi-use biotech diaphragm pumps utilize a 4-piston technology. The pumps don’t use a mechanical shaft of rotating parts, guaranteeing total product containment. The QF Series pump models include the QF-150, QF-1200, QF-4400, QF-5050 and the QF-20 pumps.

The pumps are ideal for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries that require high levels of containment, cleanability, and purity. QuattroFlow’s multi-use pumps can operate with a flow rate capacity up to 5283 gph and max pressure to 116 psi. The pump is also made with stainless steel materials of construction.

Quattroflow pumps


Single-Use Pumps

Quattroflow also offers a line of single-use or disposable pumps that allow for low pulsation. The single-use design option gives companies fast development and cleanup time; owners can simply dispose of the pump rather than cleaning the pump and parts after each use. Quattroflow’s single-use pumps include its QF-150SU, 1200SU, 4400SU, and 5050SU models.

The pumps are self-priming and can run dry. They are also built with stainless steel materials of construction.

Company Information

Quattroflow is a leading supplier of 4-piston diaphragm pumps and single-use applications. The company is based in Kap-Linfort, Germany within Almatec’s 2,200 square meter manufacturing facilities. Quattroflow is a part of the Pump Solutions Group (PSG) and has a global network of distributors.

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