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Product Information

Oil & Gas
Ruhrpumpen, with its experience in the Oil and Gas market, both offshore and onshore, is the best choice when talking about pump solutions. We understand that this industry must rely on efficient and reliable pumps, and we have a wide range of products that meet the high requirements of this market. Our products are built to API standards so our customers can trust the quality. We offer solutions that meet the demand under the most extreme environments.

Power Generation
The demand of energy in the world is growing very fast and will keep growing. It is our duty to innovate power solutions that meet the world requirements for power generation. We have a range of pumps that are suitable for this market such as vertical and horizontal pumps for condensates, circulating water, boiler feed and more. Our pumps are to be trusted as we have experience in supplying them all over the world and as we are certified by SAI GLOBAL to ANAB EN ISO 9001.

Industrial Applications
Ruhrpumpen has a long experience in developing a wide range of centrifugal pump solutions suitable for general industry applications and heavy industrial applications. Our customers can be sure that we are constantly working on developing more efficient pumps for new and existing industrial processes.

Chemical processing
If you are transferring the most hazardous and/or corrosive substances or chemicals in the industry from one place to another in order to complete reactions, or trying to make a chemical plant work, or just transporting them, it requires specific equipment and Ruhrpumpen has the pumping solution. We have a wide range of centrifugal pumps for many different chemical processes. We can supply different materials and systems that can handle these substances, even when they are very hazardous and/or corrosive.

Water & Wastewater
Recent statistics show that global water consumption has been twice that of population growth, and meeting this demand has become a key environmental and economic challenge for many countries.

Extracting and processing the minerals require efficient and robust equipment and Ruhrpumpen has the pumping solution for these needs. The durability and quality of our products and are experience we have in the mining industry give the customer confidence in the equipment they purchase from us. We also manage materials for corrosive applications for the metallurgic market. Mining services could be water, solid handling and chemical processes and we have pumps for all these services.

Company Information

Ruhrpumpen is a centrifugal pump manufacturer for the petrochemical, power, heavy industry and water applications. The company’s product line complies with the most demanding quality standards and industry specifications, including: ISO 9001, API, ANSI, Hydraulic Institute standards.

Ruhrpumpen is vertically integrated and operates its own foundry, machine shop, pump manufacturing plants and service centers. Ruhrpumpen has manufacturing plants, offices and service centers around the globe, which allows the company to focus on its local clients and provide personal service – no matter where they’re located.