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Simple Pump

Simple Pump

1140 Amarillo Drive

Gardnerville, NV   89460

United States

Product Information

PRIMARY USES: 1. Backup beside submersible, 2. Off-grid manual, 3. Solar.

Hand water pumps. Motorized. Solar option. For home, water sampling, preparedness, irrigation.

Easy pumping into pressurized home plumbing or irrigation system. Tough enough to move highly impacted water.

Unique upgrade path from hand pump to motorized - at any time in future. 5 to 10 minutes to switch to motor; same to switch back, if needed.

Solar application - high efficiency, low power draw = one 135w solar panel in many areas of the country, just two in the rest.

As backup pump beside submersible in 4"-8" wells, or as primary pump in just a 2" well.
Aerospace quality stainless steel. CNC machined. Usual maintenance - $25 every five years for seals.

Deep well - to 350 feet.
Easy to install.
One-third to one-half the weight of competing pumps.
Easy to use. So efficient you can literally pump with one finger at 100 feet static.

For the combination of quality, features, hand/solar ability in one pump and moderate price, theres nothing that can match it.

Company Information

We understand it's crucial a pump works when you need it. We took all the benefits of traditional hand pumps - and improved them. Then we took all the disadvantages - and got rid of them. Simple Pump gives you traditional, proven principles wedded to space-age materials and manufacturing methods.

The result... an incredibly durable and efficient water pump that lasts for generations.

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