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Product Information

Peristaltic Hose & Tube Pumps: Verderflex® peristaltic hose pumps and tube pumps are the ideal solution for pumping liquids and dosing chemicals. Pump sizes range from smaller OEM pumps to the world’s largest hose pumps. Peristaltic pumps are excellent for pumping abrasive, corrosive or viscous fluids including slurry and sludge. All tubes and hoses are very easy to change as all flanges and clamps are designed to allow simple removal and a quick exchange during service periods.

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Double Diaphragm Pumps: The Verderair diaphragm pumps are the best solution for application involving sticky and viscous liquids, or liquids containing solids. Verder’s quick-acting air valve technology makes the VA, VA PURE and the VA HI-CLEAN series pumps the most efficient diaphragm pump series on the market. These pumps are easy to install and maintain.

Verder pump

Lobe Pumps: Rotary lobe pumps can handle solids (e.g. fruit pieces and meat cubes), slurries, pastes, and a variety of other liquids. A gentle pumping action minimizes product degradation. Special models are available for highly abrasive liquids, aggressive chemicals, or shear sensitive liquids. Rotary lobe pumps offer continuous and intermittent reversible flows and can operate dry for a brief period if flushed seals are used.

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Company Information

Verder US has over 50 years of experience manufacturing positive displacement pumps for a wide range of industries and works closely with customers to find pumping solutions for unique applications. The company is part of the Verder Group, which boasts a network of 850 employees working in 24 countries worldwide.

The company specializes in the manufacture of peristaltic/hose pumps, diaphragm pumps and lobe pumps. Positive displacement experts, Verder pumps provide reliable, reproducible flow rates even with fine dosing.

Main industries served include water & wastewater, food & beverage process, chemical and mining.