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Viking Pump

Viking Pump

406 State Street

Cedar Falls, IA   50613

United States

Product Information

Viking Pump offers internal gear pumps, external gear pumps, rotary lobe pumps and sliding vane pumps. Below are product details.

Internal Gear Pumps
The internal gear pumping principle was invented by Jens Nielsen, one of the founders of Viking Pump. Viking offers a variety of solutions from universal sealing options that create ease of maintenance to sealless magnetically coupled pumps for crucial or hazardous chemicals. Various sealing, mounting and jacketing options are available.

Major products:
- Heavy duty bracket mounted pumps for viscous liquids and tough applications
- High speed heavy duty pumps for clean, less viscous liquids
- General purpose pumps for low pressure, non-corrosive applications
- Sealless (magnetically coupled) pumps for crucial liquid containment
- Special purpose pumps for applications such as abrasive liquids, ammonia, asphalt and LP gas

External Gear Pumps
External gear pumps are typically used for high pressure, precise flow applications. Our pumps can reduce costs over the life of the pump by providing 20% longer seal and/or bearing life than competitors.

Major products:
- Metallic, sealed pumps
- Metallic, Sealless pumps for crucial liquid containment applications
- Non-metallic composite, sealed pumps for corrosive and/or hazardous liquids

Fluid Power Products
Viking offers hydraulic pumps, motors and flow dividers for industrial or mobile fluid power applications.

Major products:
- High pressure hydraulic pumps for fluid power applications
- Hydraulic motors to drive pumps and other equipment requiring 500 to 4000 RPM
- Flow dividers to split flow equally between two, three or four actuators
- Power transfer units: hydraulic motor-driven internal gear and external gear pumps for a variety of applications.

Rotary Lobe Pumps
Vikings RL industrial lobe pumps are an excellent solution for high pressure, low shear pumping applications. With a variety of sealing options, this pump offers the flexibility to fit your application.

Sliding Vane Pumps
Vikings sliding vane pumps are designed for thin, corrosive liquids at higher pressures. Vikings LVP series pumps are used for liquid transfer applications from chemicals to liquefied gasses.

Other Products
Lid-Ease strainers provide protection for any pumping system by preventing solids or foreign materials from entering the pump. Helical gear reducers are used to reduce a drivers synchronous speed to match the requirements of the pump or other driven device.

OEM Solutions
Viking is known for its ability to provide custom solutions to fit the needs of original equipment manufacturers. Still, many of our customers find that Vikings broad array of standard products also meet their needs. Applications include hot oil filtration (fryers), transfer fluids, compressor/turbine lube, adhesive dispensing, chemical, ink and bitumen metering, automotive fluid systems, fluid power (hydraulics), flow dividers, hydraulic motors and more.

Company Information

Viking Pump has been a premier manufacturer of positive displacement pumps since its founding in 1911. This rich heritage of experience in your industry and with your specific application allows them to provide the service and expertise to meet your pumping needs. Viking Pump specializes in the design, manufacturing and application of both standard and custom pumping products for some of the most challenging applications in the world. Viking Pump is known for its ability to produce custom pumps, built-to-order based on your needs. Through vertical integration, Viking Pump is able to cast, machine, assemble and test products in-house a complete package of services that is unmatched in the industry.

Viking Pump's team of distributors, regional sales representatives and application engineers are ready to help you find or create the best pumping solution for your application.