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Warren Pumps

82 Bridges Avenue P.O. Box 969

Warren, MA   01083-0969

United States

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Warren Pumps is a worldwide leader in the rotary pump market, offering the broadest range of positive displacement pumps that include two and three-screw, gear, progressive cavity, as well as specialized centrifugal pumps. The company currently holds the following certifications: ANSI/ASQC Q 9001‚ Mil –I-45208‚ and ISO 9001. 

Houttuin Low Pressure Pumps

Warren Pumps’ exclusive N & S American distributor offers these low pressure twin screw pumps for the industrial, chemical, petrochemical, and shipbuilding industries. The low pressure pumps are able to operate effectively within the following parameters.

  • Flowrate: 5 – 6,000 GPM
  • Pressure 0 – 1,450 PSI
  • Temperature: 0 – 750 °F
  • Viscosity : .2 – 2,000,000 CST

GTS Series Medium Pressure Pumps

These pumps can transfer a variety of viscous fluids effectively at flow rates between 15 – 6,000 GPM at 300 – 600 PSI. The pumps are ideal for the below listed applications:

  • Crude Oil
  • Asphalts and tars
  • Aromatic, naphthenic and aliphatic intermediates
  • Fats, oils, waxes and soaps
  • Molasses, glycerol, glues, 
  • Paints, resins and polymers

FSXA Series High Pressure Pumps

Warren Pumps high pressure pumps can pump fluids at flow rates of 25 – 3,700 GPM at pressures from 1,200 – 1,400 PSI. They are ideal for a variety of oil & gas applications, including transfer and gathering on crude oil pipelines or platforms, petroleum transport, and pumping fuel oils and naptha.

Pulp & Paper Pumps

Warren Pumps also manufactures a wide range of pumps ideal for a variety of applications in the pulp & paper industry. Positive displacement pumps are particularly well-suited towards applications in this industry because of their ability to handle abrasive and viscous materials.

Engineered Engine Room Services 

Warren Pumps also offers pumps specifically designed for marine applications and is willing to work with the customer to design and manufacture a custom pump that fits an exact need. Below are a few examples of these applications and Warren Pumps’ abilities.

  • Main Feed – Flows to 900gpm, Heads to 1900ft
  • Condensate & Drain Transfer – Flows to 750gpm, Heads to 360ft
  • Sea Water Circulating – Flows 30,000gpm+, Heads to 35ft
  • Main Cargo – Flows to 25,000gpm, Heads to 450ft
  • Bilge & Ballast, Flows to 30,000gpm, Heads to 400ft
  • Fire & Tank Cleaning – Flows to 10,000gpm, Heads to 600ft

Company Information

Warren Pumps‚ a Colfax Business Unit‚ is a nearly 110-year old engineering firm headquartered in Massachusetts. The pump manufacturer specializes in solving unique pumping applications for the US Military as well as for a wide variety of industrial and marine customers.