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Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group

37 Upton Technology Park

Wilmington, MA   01887

United States

Product Information

Watson-Marlow is a leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps for a wide range of industries and applications, including mining, food & beverage process, biopharmaceutical, water & waste, pulp & paper, chemical, ceramics, and industrial.

Hose pumps

High maintenance diaphragm, rotary lobe, or progressive cavity pumps cannot match the rugged, reliable 24/7 dependability of the Bredel peristaltic hose pumps.

The inherent design of Bredel peristaltic hose pumps means there are no intrusions in the flow path, eliminating any risk of blockages. The pumped substance only contacts the reinforced, chemical-resistant hose, making them particularly suitable for handling problematic fluids such as those with a high viscosity and fluids containing abrasives or with high solids content, for example.

Watson-Marlow hose pump

Qdos metering pump

The Watson-Marlow Qdos pump with patented ReNu pumphead technology was designed to provide an advanced alternative to diaphragm chemical metering pumps in the environmental and mining sectors, for applications such as pH adjustment and flocculation. This innovative and versatile new pump is designed to save chemical costs even when metering difficult fluids, or when pressure, viscosity and solids content vary. This capability combines with peristaltic technology to ensure precise, continuous smooth flow for optimal fluid mixing.

APEX hose pumps

The APEX pump incorporates Bredel’s long proven direct-coupled technology, delivering the most reliable pump design in a compact footprint. While the APEX gearbox mounts directly to the pump housing, the APEX pump rotor is supported by its own sealed bearing hub, isolating and protecting the gearbox from integral forces.

Through superior heat dissipation, precision machined hose elements and optimized hose compression, APEX has been designed to reduce maintenance costs dramatically in comparison with other hose pumps.

Watson-Marlow Apex hose pumps

Peristaltic Tube Pumps

Peristaltic pumps have no valves, seals or glands, and the fluid contacts only the bore of the hose or tube. Simple to install, easy to use and quick to maintain. Peristaltic pumps are the world's fastest-growing pump type.

Sinusoidal Pumps - MasoSine Process Pumps

MasoSine Positive Displacement Pump is a highly reliable pump for sanitary and industrial applications. It is frequently chosen as a food pump and is also used to transfer shear sensitive fluids such as shampoos and lotions for the cosmetics industry. The exclusive single shaft and single sinusoidal rotor are the centre pieces of an innovative, simple design. The sinusoidal rotor overcomes the limitations of conventional rotary lobe pumps to deliver a lower shear, gentle pumping action that safely transfers delicate products without risk of degradation.

Watson-Marlow Sine Pumps

Company Information

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group is acknowledged as the world’s leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps. Founded on over 50 years of supplying trusted engineering and process expertise across a wide range of industries and with over one million pumps installed worldwide, their products and solutions are tried, tested and proven to deliver.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Spirax Sarco Engineering Group (LSE: SPX), the global organization employs over 4,500 people worldwide. The group consists of six established brands, each with their own area of expertise. Together, they offer an unrivaled breadth of solutions for pumping applications.

Based in the U.K., Watson-Marlow also has offices in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Italy, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA.